The Story

The Story

How does Erik Wahl combine his worlds of graffiti art and business? How does he shift from being an artistic iconoclast and into the corporate lecture circuit? How is he in-demand as one of the most requested speakers in the world on the subjects of creativity, change, leadership and the psychology of performance?

This is his story.

At an early age, Erik was told by his well-meaning teacher that “art was not his strength”. Being a disciplined student, Erik listened. He put down his crayons and paintbrushes and did not pick them up again for another 20 years. In the meantime, he studied hard and learned to play by the rules. Erik concluded, like most, that strong grades, a solid college education and a good conservative corporate job with predictable growth would be sufficient.

But after 10 years in the corporate world, Erik could sense his talents were wasting away inside of him. However, it wasn’t until he lost everything that he came to find himself. A heartbreaking death to everything that he had worked so hard to achieve was the birth of his story.

Playing it safe was no longer an option. It was time to get drastic.

In a time of self-reflection, frustration and anger, he became determined to break free from the addiction of security that had lulled the passionate version of himself to sleep. By intentionally going against the grain of this addiction, Erik’s early artist was re-awakened. He poured himself into his own new ideas, writings and art with reckless abandon and spent his free time in the art community. In other words, Art became his rehab.

But Erik also quickly discovered that the artist community also had limitations and was equally as frustrating. Although most artists had incredible ideas and vision, they lacked the practical application to create a business of actionable substance. They did not have the tools or training to make a living. Their vision did not translate and often succumbed to the cliché of being secluded because the world did not understand their incredible vision.

Then came the epiphany: we are all capable of so much more than we have been preconditioned for. There is tremendous unexplored potential that exists by combining our analytical mind and our natural creative abilities. Shortly thereafter, The Art of Vision was born. Fearlessly determined to break through the system, Erik and his wife, Tasha, created a company capable of “setting the captives of corporate america free” from the same robotic mind-numbing path to which he had previously fallen prey.

His career skyrocketed! Passion! Profit! Over 14 countries, 500,000+ audience members, and most importantly, the freedom to play by his own rules!

The Story

Erik Wahl is not a pretty picture of figuring out the system. He and Tasha are the chainsaw breaking through the system and not stopping until they create a new and better version. He is now one of the most sought-after speakers in the world on the corporate lecture circuit, but he has retained the raw, unbridled passion of his arts to channel his ideas in a fresh and entertaining way. The rest of his story is yet to happen, but it continues to grow each and every day.

Erik has dedicated his life to his passions, one of which is to unshackle you from those similar chains that have, at one point or another, previously held each of us down. Art is far more than a finished product; Art is a new way to view the world. He wants to remind you to never give up seeking the art of vision you have inside of you. He wants to tell you that whatever well-meaning lie you were told as a child that crushed your dreams simply wasn’t true.

…because you are an Artist.

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an amazing and uplifting STORY of freedom…

The Story